Using csrCANTO in the CLM

gm guys,

I wish to start a discussion around using csrCANTO as a collateral asset in the Canto Lending Market (CLM).

firstly, some context:

  • csrCANTO is an ERC-20 version of $CANTO that is enabled with CSR, and has accounting logic to redistribute all rewards back to holders.
  • Essentially, contracts/addresses that hold csrCANTO receive CANTO dividends
  • These dividends are not streamed, and must be claimed
  • The source of the yield is gas fees spent interacting with the csrCANTO smart contract

If implemented, the contract that holds the csrCANTO collateral within the CLM would technically be eligible to claim the rewards, and we can delegate the claiming rights to another contract.

I see 2 potential use cases for this:

  1. The CANTO dividends can be used to give to the LPs as boosted rewards (paid in CANTO)
  2. The CANTO dividends can instead be used for public goods funding, or perhaps be redirected to the treasury to augment future rewards paid out to hackathon winners in future seasons

Let me know your thoughts on the above. Looking forward to discussing this further!

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I find this proposal quite interesting, CSR tokens open the window to a wide range of use cases besides the ones mentioned in the proposal.

Perhaps as a testing phase, the supply amount could be capped and the market isolated from the rest which would allow users to monitor the CLM closely and make decisions based on the utilization rate and market demand.

Iā€™m all for it. Contact Secured Revenue is one of the most innovative parts of Canto, it makes sense to me to integrate more ways in which it can be utilized to provide value.

Might as well!