Launch of the Canto Herald Cluster (CHC)

Hello Cantonians,

This is Alex from the Canto Herald :newspaper_roll:

The Canto Herald is a weekly newsletter on all things Canto. Our goal has always been to establish a dedicated resource to help Canto users, and those interested in keeping tabs on Canto, stay up-to-date with the latest developments within the ecosystem.

We currently see an opportunity to help further the ethos of Canto alongside our mission of seamless information dissemination through the declaration of the Canto Herald Cluster (CHC).

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What is the Canto Herald

The Canto Herald is a weekly news publication based on the inner workings of the Canto blockchain. Every Monday, a public newsletter is released recapping the past week’s news and developments.

Subscription to the Herald is free and comes with early issue access (Saturday in your inbox as opposed to Monday’s Tweet). The Herald also releases a separate Community Spotlight series, which is used to take a deeper look at some of the projects, teams, and individuals building on Canto.

The Canto Herald recently won the Ecosystem Support & Growth category in Season 6 of the Canto Online Hackathon, and is currently developing an “on-chain” subscription and POAP service, which will be used to help give back to early subscribers and supporters of the publication.

What are Clusters?

Canto Clusters are groups that focus on specific work within the broader scope of the public, permissionless blockchain that is Canto. Clusters create a loose framework for individuals or groups to come together, develop, and contribute to Canto’s growth.

Introducing the Canto Herald Cluster (CHC)

We’ve decided to launch the Canto Herald Cluster (CHC) as a means of continuing to align the Herald as a native Canto enterprise, to explore further ecosystem and community integrations, and to potentially expand the resource offering, information collection, and knowledge circulation within Canto.

The CHC will be spearheaded by the Canto Herald team, however we hope to eventually see the CHC develop into a grander decentralized entity focused on public news and information propagation, resource congregation, and user onboarding for the Canto blockchain.

Immediate Goals

Our immediate goals are focused on solidifying and improving the transmission of news and information within the Canto ecosystem.

These goals include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Stronger alignment of the Canto Herald with the broader Canto ecosystem
  • Investigation of possibilities to expand the Herald’s (or others’) news and information funnels
  • Adaptation and expansion of Canto news for the betterment of Canto and its many users
  • Gathering community feedback, suggestions, best practices, and potential future offerings for the Herald and for news circulation on Canto in general

Future Goals

As for the future, the CHC leaves open the possibility of a number of initiatives that would help users learn and stay engaged within the Canto environment.

Potential future goals for the CHC may include a variety of initiatives, such as:

  • Improved collecting, assembling, and quantifying of what counts as “Canto News”
  • Wider dissemination of news and the continued onboarding of new audiences to Canto
  • Increased trust in the Canto blockchain, as well as the many reputable projects and services that run on top of it
  • The exploration of information pockets focused on concentrated categories as arms or spin-offs of the Herald, or additionally expanded sections within the Herald itself (think of the Financials or Sports sections of a traditional newspaper, for example).

Getting Involved

At this time, community feedback and research on ideas on how to improve or contribute to the circulation of information on Canto to the wider sphere of web3 is one of the CHC’s main priorities.

We strongly believe that the more people informed about Canto, the greater the amount of interest and users the blockchain will attract. What Canto has is truly significant, and one of the biggest barriers for the chain currently is simply people knowing about it!

Additionally, compiling observations and improvements for the Herald - and news on Canto in general - is always welcome. Is there something Canto is missing informationally? Are there tools or resources needed within the community that the Herald (or others) are uniquely positioned to tackle and solve?

The CHC is also, of course, open and happy to entertain other goals proposed by the wider community as well.

Where to Find Us and Stay Up-to-Date

This Cluster launch announcement will remain on the Canto Commons forum, published on Twitter, and uploaded to the Canto Herald website (currently in development) for further visitation as the CHC develops.

Our initial plan is to keep an ongoing discussion here on the forums for the immediate future, but feel free to respond on any relevant channel of the Canto Herald’s. At an ensuing time and point of development, a centralized place to discuss information and advancements of the CHC will be generated — most likely on a communication medium such as Discord.

In the meantime, if you’d like to stay up to date with the Canto Herald and the CHC, feel free to follow the Herald’s Twitter (@cantoherald) or subscribe to the weekly newsletter and announcements on Linktree.


Very well written and thought out. We appreciate your efforts and are open to assist anyway possible.

As an nft project, could we assist by notifying you all of major updates (partnerships, mint dates, etc)?

I dont want to feel like we are “shilling” so I appreciate your opinion on how a project such as our can help?

Thanks again!


Thanks CantoVerse! Wouldn’t be surprised if you’re the first person to actually read all of that :sob: :pray:

We’ve actually recently been toying with how to balance NFT news. As you can see from the last two issues we published, we’ve tried to include relevant information on NFTs in the space while attempting to minimize what could be considered as “shilling”.

It’s definitely a delicate balance, especially since we don’t want to ignore the NFT segment of Canto, as for some, NFTs are one of their main reasons and participation methods on chain!

I’ve been following the thread on the NFT cluster you all have been discussing. First and foremost, I think the expertise of the NSLC could be extremely helpful in aiding us in our determination of what counts as “newsworthy,” and with keeping up on the latest in that market segment of Canto.

We’re toying around with maybe having an NFT section or issue, perhaps once more of this type of news becomes relevant. Would be very eager to have your thoughts, as well as the thoughts of the NSLC (and anyone else!) in what the best method would be in terms of objective NFT news coverage.


Hello, there is the canto_cn. We like your articles and weekly newspapers very much. We want to translate them into Chinese and send them out. Can you authorize us to translate them. We will indicate the source in detail, thank you very much!!

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@cantocn be our guest! Thanks for asking :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: