Canto Gaming Corner

I believe Canto is a great ecosystem to experiment, ideate, and build games given its free public infrastructure ethos that can be directly implemented.

It’s also an ecosystem with deep culture and community. Most ecosystems offer limitless grants to incentivize developer to build, but those incentives are misaligned as they are missing a thriving community.

This thread is designed to begin a conversation for game developers on Canto, and once grown, earn evolving into an official gaming cluster.

For now, it’s a humble corner, welcome game developers to share their ideas, what they are building, and how the Canto community can support.

This isn’t required nor necessary, but it is helpful for the community. If you are building a game, please follow this framework to introduce yourself and your game:

  • Game Title
  • Game Description (<5 sentences)
  • Link to game or video of demo
  • Twitter Handle of yours or game
  • Discord handle
  • What you are looking for
  • How can Canto help
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