Canto Cluster Protocol

The Canto Cluster Protocol is a smart contract designed to simply manage digital clusters that have been established on the Canto blockchain.


The main contract, named ClusterRegistry, is responsible for the following functions:

  • Keeping track of cluster data

  • Allowing the registration of new clusters.

  • Providing a way to access cluster information.

  • Maintaining an address associated with each cluster at which that cluster can receive a donation.

Retroactive Cluster Funding

Should Canto contributors build a Retroactive Cluster Funding protocol, that protocol could use the Cluster Registry to know where to send retroactive funding.

For more information regarding cluster logic, visit the homepage at

For the time being, the cluster registration application can be accessed on the subdomain

The contract address is 0x605166f88044a4DA4C1Bdd947bAcD7e24D6eaBD3.

The source code for the UI can be reviewed on GitHub at GitHub - Canto-Network/cluster-registry-ui.

The source code for the contract can be reviewed on GitHub at GitHub - Canto-Network/cluster-registry-contract.

More information regarding this protocol and future interoperable protocols will be posted shortly.


Wonderful! Still can’t get over how cool the website is. :heart_eyes:

Edit: I’m trying to register and change the address for the Canto Herald Cluster. It seems about half of the fields make the website go gray when you enter any sort of information.

I can register (and did!), but most of the call functions and changing the address (once you try to enter information into the second field) are giving the website a bit of a hard time.

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